Setup Mail on Ubuntu using Postfix ready for PHP and GMail

Recently, I switching hosting to dedicated, and needed to update my server to allow it to send and receive email to all of my accounts, which are managed by Google Apps account. After a bit of research, I finally found out what I needed to do to allow this.

A few things I wanted:
  • All emails which were forwarded to any email address on my domain should go to 1 main account
  • I should be able to send emails using PHP
  • All received emails should be managed by Google

Install a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

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Obtaining your Transaction List from Affiliate Window by connecting to their Publisher Service

Affiliate Window have a way of connecting to their web services so that you can download all transactions you have generated through them.

This quick post intends to put you on the correct course so that you can do so in Microsoft's Visual Studio / VB / - This will allow you to quickly import your transactions into Microsoft's SQL Server for any data manipulation that you like. Something like this can be very handy, especially if you load in and standardize transactions from other affili...
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Search Engine Optimization Techniques for HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of naturally increasing the page rank of a website on search engines.

For businesses, this is a huge thing; If someone searches for a product or a service, a business wants their company to appear first on search engines such as Google, as people will most likely then buy from them.

This post will cover ways a web developer can use certain HTML, CSS and JavaScript techniques whilst creating a website to hopefully increase his page ra...
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