Symfony2 Assetic with LESS generating empty files on Unix

Yesterday, I tried running the following command using the symfony console to dump my LESS files into a static CSS file, for my site:
php app/console assetic:dump --env=prod --no-debug
On doing so, when I visited my site, no CSS styling had been applied, and when checking the generated file in the /web/bundles/ folder, it was empty.

I'd recently had issues installing and running composer on my fresh installation of Ubuntu, so I assumed it would be a similar issue, namely around the php.ini settin...
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Issues with globally installing Composer on Ubuntu under root

Whilst trying to install composer globally, using my root account, I was running into a strange problem when running the command
curl -sS | php
At first, I was only seeing the following:

root@machine:/home/websites$ curl -sS | php
#!/usr/bin/env php
All settings correct for using Composer
PHP was hiding any errors I was meant to see, as I had set my system to use production settings. I turned on PH...
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Setup Mail on Ubuntu using Postfix ready for PHP and GMail

Recently, I switching hosting to dedicated, and needed to update my server to allow it to send and receive email to all of my accounts, which are managed by Google Apps account. After a bit of research, I finally found out what I needed to do to allow this.

A few things I wanted:
  • All emails which were forwarded to any email address on my domain should go to 1 main account
  • I should be able to send emails using PHP
  • All received emails should be managed by Google

Install a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

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